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We are the only company in Canada that allows you to generate and manage contracts electronically.

Other software products available in the market only help you to manage contracts, but you still need to generate these contracts manually. With ContractGenius™, you will be able to automatically generate and manage e-contracts for clients and employees with just one software product. Our paperless process will completely eliminate the task of generating contracts manually which is time consuming and prone to errors

Every year millions of contracts are exchanged between buyers and suppliers in the supply chain. However, most of these contracts are either in paper or
e-mail format, which creates inefficiencies for the buyer’s Accounts Payable organization, and can thus increase the Daily Sales Outstanding for the supplier. The Daily Sales Outstanding increased results from “mail float”, which is simply the days that contracts take to transit from the supplier, through the mail or email system, until they are received and input by the buyer.

ContractGenius™ makes it possible for small to large companies to generate and manage contracts with ease and efficiency. Whether your company has one or unlimited employees, ContractGenius™ offers the solution with no exceptions or compromise.

Deliver 100% of your contracts to customers electronically, and easily activate e-contracting for any customer in just a few clicks using ContractGenius™.

We are the only company in Canada that allows you to generate and manage contracts electronically. ContractGenius™ is an affordable and secure web service where B2B contractual recipients can receive and approve contracts from many of their vendors instantly. With ContractGenius™, your customers no longer need to visit multiple websites to download multiple vendor agreements or endure the time-consuming process of writing and mailing paper contracts. With ContractGenius™ 24h portal access to your clients, contractors, employees, and vendors, you will save time and money in managing everyone’s expectation with our easy to use self-help process.

Some of the key features of ContractGenius™ are:

  • Immediate Contract Delivery
  • Efficiency in Contract Receipt
  • Simplified Contract Application
  • E-Billing System Support

ContractGenius™ is a paperless, web-based product that is designed to save you time and money. By using ContractGenius™, the money saved from your company’s paper and toners supply budget will be more than enough to cover the cost of using ContractGenius™.

ContractGenius™ manages your client, employee, and contractor’s agreements on every project, in fact on an unlimited number of pre-defined projects that your backend office creates for your team or company.

ContractGenius™ is designed to allow managers/ team leads or anyone responsible for tracking agreements on any project or projects handled by your company.

ContractGenius™ is a seamless process that is designed to save you time and money. You and your business will benefit from the detailed contract keeping and less administrative process. You can even create projects that will be easy to track and stay on budget.

ContractGenius™ has a second to none backend office that will allow you to self-manage your account effectively and easily without the hassle of third party support. You are able to review current employee, contractor and client agreements as well as previous employee, contractor and client agreements, approved or rejected contracts.

In addition, for accounting purposes, you will be able to generate invoices to your clients for payments. ContractGenius™ has your business in mind by allowing you to customize your logo and footer for a professional invoice each and every time to send your clients.

ContractGenius™ is a fantastic product and process if you are a:

  • Direct employer.
  • Staffing Agency with internal employees and contractors
  • Consulting firm with resources working with your clients
  • Project based company.
  • Accounting services
  • Property rentals and property leasing, both commercial and residential
  • Fitness/Trainer, gyms
  • Financial services
  • Film and production companies
  • Warehouse distribution
  • Sales oriented operations
  • Equipment sales/services
  • Service providers
  • Much more limitless possibilities

Find out how ContractGenius™ can help your business grow.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact [email protected]

Automated Contract Tracking

ContractGenius™ will eliminate as many manual processes as possible from the employer’s backend office. Our software and process are designed to save countless hours of contract-related administrative work for each one of your employees, contractors, and clients. By using ContractGenius™ you will reduce the potential for human error in each manual submission – saving the approver’s time, as well.

Automated Reminders

ContractGenius™ is a system that can provide added value by saving you time and money. The ContractGenius™ system will automatically remind the employees, clients and account managers when contracts have been submitted for review and approval also if it is or is not approved for processing. ContractGenius™ will send out reminders to all related parties and notify them of renewal, ending soon contracts, and actions to be taken by all parties. ContractGenius™ will help you collect those contracts on time and reduce the number of tardy contract submissions and collections

One Stop Shop

ContractGenius™ is a well-rounded integrated system that will allow the employer to track employee submitted contracts as well as previously approved employee submitted contracts. ContractGenius™ is an invoice ready application that integrates all contractual agreements and governance with your clients, subcontractors as well as employees.

Global Performance

ContractGenius™ is formatted to operate and be used in many countries worldwide. Our software can be easily modified and tailored to suit your business needs and requirements very quickly. Ask us how and we will be happy to discuss your project, budget and timeline. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with ContractGenius™ and TechMonkeys™.

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