TimeGenius™ is a fully integrated cloud based software program that is offered to employers, staffing agencies, law firms, and charities. The account holders can grant access to employees, contractors, volunteers, interns or anyone representing the interest of the account holder.
  • Employerscan keep track of their employees, contractors, volunteers, internship individual’s time and attendance for a more accurate and successful business operation.
  • Staffing and temp agenciescan streamline their employee time and attendance with a professional interface.You can manage your clients, invoice accurately on approved time, allow your clients to access their employees/ contractors approved time, allow your clients to set employee upcoming work schedule, allow your clients to manage all of their direct reports placed by you on their job site or office, allow your client 24/7 portal access and more…
  • Law Firmscan use TimeGenius™ to bill clients, keep track of client file cost with accurate reports, notes, and memos for each file, you can keep an eye on your office bottom line by keeping track of your employee time and expenses, issue invoices to your clients and much more…
  • Charitiescan keep accurate time track for all of their internal and external staff, volunteers, anyone that is involved with making the charity or cause a success, you can issue invoices and tax receipts, and keep track of your campaigns performance and budget as well.

Is TimeGenius™ a software or hardware?

TimeGenius™ is a cloud based software; meaning that there is no hardware required to use the service. As virtual software, TimeGenius™ can be utilized from any active internet service including all smart devices in any part of the world.

Is TimeGenius™ a Time and attendance software or hardware?

TimeGenius™ is considered by many to be an easy to use software that does not require any downloads or disk upload. Just simply log into your TimeGenius™ account and activate your features.

Is TimeGenius™ a budgeting tool?

As a tool TimeGenius™ is considered to be a great overall picture provider, by using TimeGenius™ you would allocate employee, contractor, temporary employee, student, volunteer, interns to your projects. TimeGenius™ offers up to the minute statistics on one or all of your open projects.

Is TimeGenius™ an invoicing system?

Yes, TimeGenius™ has an invoicing feature that allows the back-end office to generate prompt and accurate invoices to your clients, and is considered to be a great tool to use for your accounts receivable department.

Is TimeGenius™ an applicant tracking system?

TimeGenius™ is an employee tracking system. Once an employee, contractor, temporary employee, student, volunteer, intern has been hired TimeGenius™ goes to work by managing the backend, time sheet, expenses of every employee of your business.

Can anyone register to use TimeGenius™?

Only approved employees and employers can register on TimeGenius™.

Is TimeGenius™ National or International?

TimeGenius™ is a global software program that can be deployed on a National, International as well as Global level. TimeGenius™ has a dynamic platform that is sure to fit any employer by conforming to their business dynamics.

How often can I login to my account on TimeGenius™?

If you have an approved account on TimeGenius™, then you are granted 24/7 access to your account. No need to wait until the next business day or for someone to pull your record. The self-serve style portals allow you to manage your own profile.

How do I contact TimeGenius™?

It is really easy! Just click ‘Contact Us’ link on the top menu!

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