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Why do You Need a Marketing Automation Tool?


In this blog, we will tell you why one needs a marketing automation software or tool with the top Marketing Automation companies


Adds Value to Your CRM – When Marketing Automation and CRM software are combined they can be of immense value to your business. It shows you the marketing and sales activities of all your contacts in one place. Marketing automation tools give you insights on the location of your contacts in the marketing funnel, the resources they use, and how they interact with them besides enabling you to establish processes that will perform important tasks automatically based on the interactions and will help you to take your business to the next level.


Get a Bigger Picture of your Data – Marketing automation tools tag all your marketing activities and associate them with the ongoing campaign, it allows you to take a look at the perfect picture of traffic, click, conversion rates, lead generation, and more all in one place. It provides you access to reports and takes a look at the various performance metrics in real-time. 


Personalization, Optimization & Testing – Research and reports say that personalized emails deliver 6% better conversions & many local businesses do not use them. With great marketing automation, you can easily customize your emails according to your buyer persona. Your email will feel more personal to your customer as if it was sent for them only by incorporating marketing automation elements. 


Lead Nurturing – Digital Marketers mainly benefited from automation software especially in terms of lead management and nurturing. If your business is totally dependent on lead generation and nurturing then marketing automation tools are a necessity. These tools can find a customer who is a prospect and will generate leads and get you in touch with that customer. These tools not only acquire it but also help in retention and managing and nurturing the lead. 


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