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Decentralized Exchange 


Decentralized Exchange (DEX) performs trading with none third-party involvement and centralized control. It’s the best solution to get rid of problems that occur in centralized exchanges. Unlike a centralized exchange, a DEX platform helps you to form a simple online money transfer and admin can get his transaction fees easily with the help of a smart contract system.

White Label Decentralized Exchange Script

White label decentralized exchange script is nothing but a readymade available trading script which will be purchased & deployed to your decentralized exchange platform.It is said to be white label solutions because the script can be customized and used according to your personal preferences.

Benefits of white label decentralized exchange

  • No single point of failure
  • 100% customization as per your business requirements
  • Save Time and Cost
  • Complete control over funds
  • Enhanced security
  • Safe from hack threats


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