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Ways to Support Brand Marketing Strategy – SEO


Explore the vitality of SEO & Why you need to involve your SEO team in supporting your brand strategy going forward! There’s a widespread perception that brand marketing and SEO are polar opposites within the marketing mix. Brand marketing strategy is built around storytelling that aims to create top of the funnel awareness that builds affinity. By contrast, SEO is believed to be at the other end of the funnel, often viewed as tactical and technical, delivering easier to measure benefits such as rankings, clicks and conversions.


Yet SEO is vital for brand marketing. SEO’s ability to target people based on their intent makes it an extremely powerful branding tool. If you’re a brand that sells running clothes and shoes, for example, and consumers come upon your website while Googling “getting into running”, then you’re hitting a very relevant audience (those with an interest in running) at the exact time when they are thinking about the subject.


In comparison, a lot of traditional big brand marketing consists of interruptive advertising on channels such as magazines, television advertising, videos, radio and a host of others. While this has the potential to reach a mass audience, it is less precisely targeted with significant waste. In the example above, you will reach a lot of people that aren’t very interested in running clothes and shoes. This kind of brand advertising also usually requires a large ongoing media spend. Building on this, here are five ways your SEO team can positively support your brand marketing strategy:


When people start looking for a product or service, many consumers use search to find answers to kick-start their research. For searches around well-known entities (such as a company, celebrity or location), Google displays a Knowledge Panel in around 40% of mobile and desktop search results.  


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