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Types of Spotify advertising 2021


Spotify advertising campaigns may or may not work for your business, but it offers a vast scope of reach to different demographics. The different types of Spotify advertising are,


Spotify Banner AdsSpotify Advertising lo and behold! Banner Ads are here! These are the ads that are similar to banners and allow users to take over the homepage for a full day (24 hours). These ads are clickable and interactive comprising an interactive area and a branded skin. 


Advertising on Spotify via Sponsored playlists – Can Artists Advertise on Spotify? Yes! Look what we have in store for you. Spotify Sponsored Playlists is a type of premium advertising where you offer your target audience an uninterrupted session of listening experience for 30 minutes straight, in exchange for viewing your created ad. Spotify Ads List should in fact be the favorite form of Spotify Ads for Artists. These ads can be further enhanced for engagement and can be offered on mobile and desktop.


Spotify developed its ad studio in 2018 intending to bridge the gap between its advertising set-up and smaller businesses. The studio can also work from your script and produce ads which is a big help to all the small business owners and local marketers. The first and basic feature is that it is easy to use for any marketer.  Spotify is operating in 79 countries which give a large reach to audiences. On average an individual listens to Spotify for around 148 minutes. It helps your brand to tell their story regarding their service or a product in a more captivating way. 


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