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Top Martech Leaders RoundUp


The Martech Roundup for 2021 is here, and we have top-notch martech experts on board with us to answer all your queries surrounding the most persistent martech bottlenecks that you have encountered. Are you ready? Starting the discussion with Henson Gawliu, Chief Digital & Demand Generation Officer at Medallia on measuring the dwindling weights of Employee Experience, Customer Engagement platform & Customer Experience services for poignance.


  1. In the post-pandemic world of today and the future that lies ahead of us, it won’t just be the customer experience that dictates the success or failure of a company—but the increasing importance of the employee experience, one where employee expectations are being dramatically reshaped by multiple forces. With “EX” or “Employee Experience” becoming as important as “CX” how do you think the relationship between employer and employee will be redefined?


Without a doubt, we are seeing a sea change in the relationship between employee and employer. Employees have made it clear that if their needs are not met, they will leave your organization. A recent Yahoo News survey indicated that almost 40% are thinking about quitting or are already preparing to do so. The ‘Great Resignation’ is impacting businesses and organizations of every size, and across every sector.


Companies often miss how employees are actually feeling because they lack the ability to tap both direct, and indirect, signals to continuously capture and understand employee’s feelings, which are the greatest predictors of engagement, longevity, and productivity. The modern workforce is constantly signalling to their employers how they feel on the job, what their challenges are, and how they can be better supported, though often without answering any survey questions.


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