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Top Martech Leaders RoundUp 2021


The answers are all there for companies that have the capabilities in place to really listen. For organizations & martech leaders those truly want to build an employee experience strategy around continuous listening, there are five key steps:


Capture signals – This includes soliciting feedback through engagement with survey mechanisms, but critically combining that data with indirect feedback from chatbot transcripts, helpdesk tickets, PTO patterns, and performance reviews.


Use AI – AI and machine learning are critical to surface patterns and trends from data sets for any manual review. With AI, you can discover patterns and trends to pinpoint issues or recurring themes as they’re happening in real-time.


Set up alerts, and make sure they are widely available – No single department impacts the end-to-end employee experience. As a result, it’s critical to have workflows in place to ensure actionable information reaches the right stakeholders who can take initiative, resolve issues, and close the loop with impacted employees as needed.


Take Action – You have the right data gathered, you have the AI-powered analysis, and you’ve looped in the appropriate stakeholders. Now it’s time to build data-driven strategies to respond, increase employee satisfaction, improve retention, and bolster your company culture.


Communicate – Whatever actions you take, it’s time to communicate what’s happening back to your employees via all-hands meetings, the company newsletter, or employee portals. Use all of the communication streams that are already in place or create a new channel fully dedicated to providing updates about how feedback has been acted upon.


Employers who prioritize employee experience in the post-pandemic world will enjoy the benefits of reduced turnover, higher engagement, greater productivity, and happier customers. Taking the discussion forward from Customer Experience to Customer Engagement and dissecting into the vivid range of optimization that occurs between personalization & hyper-personalization with Dave Dabbah, CMO, CleverTap


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