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Top Customer Experience Management Platforms


The customer experience management is Crucial & great customer experience management platforms can, Strengthen brand preference via differentiated experiences. Boost revenue with incremental sales from existing customers and new sales from positive word of mouth. Improve customer loyalty and create brand advocates through valued and memorable customer interactions and experience. Decreased costs by reducing customer churn.


Adobe Experience Manager – Adobe Experience Manager is software from Martech Leader Adobe. It is a cloud-native customer experience tool with content and a digital asset management-centric approach. Being a part of a comprehensive digital marketing suite that is the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager provides features for content creation, digital asset management, form building, etc. Its AI-powered tools provide you with insights into the type of content your customers like and engage with across all channels so you can continue delivering them with consistent and personalized user experiences. Among the premium features of platforms are audience segmentation, customer profiles, location mapping, identity control, data governance, ingestion, etc.


Acoustic – Previously known as IBM Tealeaf, Acoustic Experience Analytics is an AI-powered platform that empowers businesses to analyze and get to the root cause of customer behavior to improve and enhance customer retention and conversion rates. Acoustic utilizes data from user behavior analytics to provide insight into the customer experience (CX). The service stresses more on the personalization of experience through listening to the data and customizing every customer touchpoint.


Medallia – Medallia is capable of analyzing multi-channel feedback in real-time to uncover patterns and predict customer behavior. Medallia is easily one of the leading Customer Experience Management solutions available with more than 1 million active users monthly. With its intuitive, cloud-based interface, Medallia enables you to collect customer feedback from multiple channels and analyze it in real-time to detect patterns, uncover sentiment, and predict behavior. Text analytics feature of Medallia employs AI and machine learning (ML) to automatically analyze textual feedback and turn it into useful insights while its action intelligence permits you to automate high-impact tasks like risk detection and suggestion mining so you can recognize at-risk customers, understand the drivers behind their behavior, and implement strategies that effectively lead to their retention.


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