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Top 2 Tips to optimize your voice search


To ensure that your content is optimized for voice search as well, incorporate those long-tail keywords that sound more natural instead of shorter, snappier keywords that perform well in desktop SEO. In addition, keep phrases short and simple. Optimize your Voice search results are typically written at a school reading level at most. So, although your information might be high-level, break it down in a way that is simple for anyone to comprehend.


Include featured content – The average voice search result is about 29 words in length. But although we know that shorter answers perform better, how can we guarantee the content Google will recognize and read to users? Create a featured snippet, obviously! A featured snippet also called position zero, answer box or quick answers is basically a summary answer from a web page. In desktop search listings, these snippets appear just after the paid advertisements but prior to the regular search listings. To optimize your content for a recognizable featured snippet, incorporate a concise summary of your main content above the fold under 29 words. Sections that utilize lists, H-tags and bullet points are easily readable by Google and thus perform well. Additionally, make sure to include your long-tail keywords within the featured snippet.


Focus on local searches – 22% of voice search queries are searching for location-based content. Accordingly, brands have a higher chance of creating voice search content if they invest in local content. Try utilizing phrases like “near me”.


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