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Tips to optimize your voice search


By January 2018, there was an average of one billion voice searches each month, demonstrating that voice search is undoubtedly on the rise. But it is important to remember that voice search SEO and traditional website SEO are not same. Therefore, some factors that affect the rankings of a website may or may not have the same effect on voice search and vice versa. Fortunately, there are some tips to optimize your voice search and strategies that can help you balance the two SEO strategies and rank your website for search listings and voice search.


When users utilize voice search, they are generally hoping to complete an action such as playing a song or purchasing a product or information on a subject. However, despite the two different intentions, Google uses the same algorithm to rank websites. Below are some simple tips that can help you in improving voice search rankings, no matter your goal.


Loading speed of your website – Just like traditional search engine optimization (SEO), Google voice search favours websites that load quickly. Make sure that, your site is responsive and functions well on mobile devices, Images are optimized, Files are compressed, You use website caching to improve page speed, Response time of your server is reduced, And other tasks that speed up traditional websites.


Write like you speak – At the point when users search for content on desktop or mobile, they tend to write in short, almost bullet-pointed phrases. For example, if a user wanted to find a marketing agency, they could type “top marketing agency” into Google. But if they utilized voice search, a user might say “Which are the top marketing agencies in the United States?”


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