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AI innovation is on a high rise and all the advancement in AI Technology is paving the way for ai-tech-powered groundbreaking solutions across industries. Read more here

AI Technology has developed and changed the manner in which we do a few cycles in pretty much every part of our life. Beginning from robotization to logical expectations, AI Technology has been covering an immense piece of the exhibition scene, just to upgrade and raise it. This live show was a demonstration of the lengths that AI and innovation can go to scale the upgrades and make a machine as human as could be expected.

The Types Era of AI innovation is here that we can foresee in the future with fundings to vouch for

1) Behavior Change with Digital Health Platforms such as Noom – Recently in the news for raising $540 Million, Noom use AI and virtual robots alongside self-learning projects to help clients in achieving better propensities, turning around sicknesses, and diminishing the danger of persistent medical issues.

2) Digital Experience Analytics with Contentsquare – Contentsquare is a worldwide forerunner in computerized experience investigation known for breaking down client conduct by means of trillions of fluctuated connections

3) Real-Time Frictionless Fraud & Abuse Prevention with Forter – E-commerce Fraud Prevention Leader Forter recently closed a $300 million in Series F funding to help fight frauds.

4) Digital Transformation via Blockchain with Figure – Blockchain tech pioneer Figure who is currently esteemed at $3.2 Billion in the wake of shutting a Series D $200 Million financing round is known for utilizing a public, permissionless, open source, and decentralized blockchain, Provenance to carefully change resource commercial centers.

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