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The 5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies


Check out the quick digital marketing guide from Jack Scullin of Nogin, to learn the essential ways to boost traffic to your online storefront and sell more products. Creating a great website and listing your products online is not enough.


Check out our five essential & best digital marketing strategies to increase sales and attract qualified leads to your online website.


  1. Perform Keyword Research and Optimize Product Titles and Descriptions – Keyword research is fundamental for any ecommerce digital marketing strategy. Keyword research is a search engine optimization practice where marketers explore the best keyword options to utilize in product titles, descriptions, body copy, and other relevant areas.


  1. Develop Pillar Content to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Site – Long-form content is one of the most crucial factors for increasing organic traffic to your site and gaining new inbound traffic. The content should include relevant keyword topics that align with your products and services.


  1. Run Social Media Ads With Promotional Offering – Online retailers should use targeted social media ads on Facebook and Instagram to entice new customers. Social media ads have advanced target options so that online retailers can specify their audience based on region, age, gender, and interests.


  1. Include Bundle Options and Offer Upgrades at Checkout – Once a customer is in the checkout process, make sure to include bundle or upgrade options to increase the amount spent. Since they are already purchasing a product, it is the best time to recommend additional products that align with their purchase.


  1. Invest in Video Media – Video content is an excellent way to demonstrate how your product works and product features. People are more likely to watch a video than read a long description. They will also want to see your product in action.


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