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Women in Tech do wonders, but why are there not more of them in this arena? This International Women’s Day let’s look at 5 inspiring women and their journeys in tech.

Indeed, even the most utilized web search tool presently realizes that the quantity of ladies in the tech and science fields is very less and individuals are starting to scrutinize the explanation for it. You possibly find the presence of an issue when you investigate the things occurring around you and begin posing appropriate inquiries around the equivalent. Furthermore one such significant inquiry is,

There are 5 women in particular that we would like to mention here, who have not only inspired us with their resilience, but also changed the face of the tech field for a lot of future women leaders.

Lets See about Women in Tech

1) Alicia Asín – An enthusiastic role model in the field of IoT and smart cities, Alicia Asín is the CEO and founder of a Spanish IT company, Libelium. Alicia envisions creating smarter cities and connecting them to the internet.

2) Angelica Ross – A magnanimous personality who spent the early years of her life being mocked and harassed by her very own family and friends for identifying as a female, Angelica Ross, a trans woman, is the founder of TransTech Social Enterprises.

3) Joy Buolamwini – The poet of code also described as the conscience of AI revolution, Joy Buolamwini is the founder of Algorithmic Justice League for creating a world that comprises more accountable and equitable technologies.

4) Elizabeth M. Adams – An exemplary leader who works at the intersection of AI Ethics, Cybersecurity, and AI Governance, Elizabeth M. Adams is a UN Key Constituent of Roundtable 3C on AI.

5) Megan Smith – The pragmatic tech expert who helped President Obama save the internet aka Megan Smith is a woman to look up to when thinking of technology policy, data, and innovation.


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