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PFA gas scrubbing bottle is a vessel for washing impurities in gas. It absorbs impure gas by bubbling (dissolving or due to chemical reaction) through a selected suitable liquid medium, so as to wash away impurity gas, and get the purify gas. During the design process, the tetrafluoro balls are surrounded by small holes.

Pay attention:
1. The gas scrubber is filled with the selected liquid to scrub the gas and remove the moisture or other gas impurities. When using, pay attention to the flow direction of the gas, the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe cannot be reversed;
2. The gas washing bottle cannot hold alkaline liquid detergent for a long time. After use, pour the detergent into a reagent bottle with a rubber stopper and store it for later use, and clean it with water. The bottle can also collect gas and calculate the volume of gas;
3. Under normal circumstances, the long duct goes in and the short duct goes out. The long pipe enters the gas with a density greater than that of air, and the short pipe enters the gas with a density less than that of the air (the inch pipe can also be processed);
4. Use the upward air exhaust method to indicate that the density of the collected gas is greater than that of air. Long in and short out can make the collected gas press the air out, if short in and long out, the collected gas will run out directly from the long pipe.

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