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Martech Interview with Will Hanschell on Video Ads


CEO & Co-Founder of Pencil, Will Hanschell underlines the importance of Video Ads in an interview with Martech on video ads focusing on their performance. He emphasizes the need for optimization considering algorithms in ads. AI will eventually be as fundamental to creativity in the future as the pencil was in the past. Our goal is to bring the scale and speed of automation to creativity, without ‘killing’ it.


Pencil is a provider of technology that simply helps agencies and individual advertisers to crank out ads, hopefully freeing up these creative folks to work on the big picture and new strategic directions while A.I. takes care of the rest, often time consuming and tedious tasks. Especially cash-strapped businesses with limited creative resources and ad budgets face long odds competing for consumer mindshare against larger, more established brands – while larger brands will continue to be under pressure to maintain their consumers’ attention, engagement and loyalty.


Their new Generate service for eCommerce start-ups, small online retailers and direct-to-consumer brands (DTC) is designed to help small businesses struggling to compete in an increasingly online world dominated by larger brands’ slick video ads and optimized ad spend – and comes with a free 7-day trial.


About Will Hanschell – Will Hanschell is the co-founder and CEO of Pencil. He was a Systems Engineer with 8 years in creative services, most recently as Asia Head of Consulting at Iris, one of the world’s most creative agencies. He holds a Master’s in Engineering (Information & Systems) from the University of Cambridge.


About Pencil – Pencil is simple software backed by both algorithms and expert humans. You have instant access to results, insights, creative and support at all times.


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