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Martech Interview with Steve Yi on Marketing Strategies


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of MediaAlpha, Steve Yi talks in interview with Martech on Marketing Strategies about programmatic platform for performance marketers and increase operational efficiency for start-ups. We knew that if we could build a transparent platform that allowed these insurance carriers to target their best prospects, the biggest names in insurance would want to work with us.


About Steve Yi – Steve Yi is the co-founder and CEO of MediaAlpha, the leading provider of marketplace solutions for vertical media. MediaAlpha’s technology creates efficient, transparent marketplaces for the programmatic buying and selling of vertical search media. The company is projected to enable more than $700 million in advertising transactions across the insurance, travel, education, and personal finance verticals in 2020. Steve has worked in the internet advertising industry for the last 20 years, after starting his career as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs and a management consultant with Oliver Wyman.


About MediaAlpha – MediaAlpha was founded on a simple premise: Be transparent and people will reward you with their trust. We give partners an unprecedented level of insight into the consumers they want to reach. This allows them to target more effectively, invest more efficiently, and grow their businesses more profitably. Our technology platform provides the transparency needed to maximize the value of every interaction.


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