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Martech Interview with Greg Rose on Customer Success


Chief Executive Officer at Intellum, Greg Rose shares perspectives about Customer Success and its role in Customer education in Martech Interview on Customer Success. He shines light on CMS focusing on its pillars for the right impact. Tech companies are very good at selling outcomes, but not always good at teaching customers how to actually achieve those outcomes. That’s where customer education comes in.


The goal of customer success is to teach your customer to be as successful as possible using product or service. What does customer success look like when customer education is an integrated part of the workflow. In many organizations, Customer Success Managers (CSM) are stuck answering all the “how-to” questions, but in a customer education-enabled world, the CSM can focus more on outcome-driven discussions with their customer’s executive sponsors.


At Intellum they often say, “customer education activist customer success.” That’s because companies can’t truly attain holistic Customer Success until they have fully implemented a customer education program. Intellum’s Chief Customer Officer, Ruben Rabago calls customer education is an under-used secret supercharged engine-of-scale for Customer Success.


About Greg Rose – Greg Rose is a twenty-year marketing and growth veteran. As the Chief Experience Officer at Intellum, Greg is focused on helping large brands and fast-moving companies increase adoption, improve retention, and drive revenue through better customer experiences.


About Intellum – Intellum is an Atlanta-based learning technology company that combines the best of customer experience with customer education to help large brands and fast-moving companies increase revenue, improve customer retention and decrease support costs. The Intellum Platform includes all the tools an organization needs to create, manage, track and improve highly-personalized learning experiences for customers, partners and even employees.


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