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Martech Interview with Daniel Pantelo on Data Automation


CEO of Marpipe, Daniel Pantelo talks about audience data in an interview with martech on data automation considering advertising function. He expresses the need for precision analytics focusing on customer privacy. Creative automation is transforming the way creatives go about the creative workflow. For many decades, the creative workflow has been rooted in arbitrary taste making and a ‘guess and check’ workflow to see what works.


With consumer privacy regulations like iOS14, ATT, and GDPR ushering in a new era where invasive audience identifiers are no longer a viable path to performance, advertisers are flocking into two major alternatives. 


Data and automation underpin every part of the marketing process today except for creative. Marpipe hopes to bring the benefits of data science and automation to the creative workflow for the first time at scale. In the short amount of time that Marpipe has been around, we’ve helped our customers transform how they produce and scale their ad creative.


About Daniel Pantelo – Dan is a marketing technology executive and the founder/CEO of Marpipe. Prior to founding Marpipe, Dan launched a marketing consultancy from his dorm room in college, which turned into a fast-growing agency based in Soho, Manhattan that specialized in creative production and demand generation for DTC businesses. 


About Marpipe – Marpipe is the world’s first independent martech platform that automates the creative testing process for brands & Agencies. Marpipe was initially developed when the agency ran into trouble with creative testing, and today, Marpipe has raised over $10m from the likes of Adobe, Samsung, and executives at Buzzfeed, Hubspot, MediaMath, and Criteo.


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