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Martech Interview on Marketing Automation


CEO of Ziflow Anthony Welgemoed shares his insights on testing markets in an Martech Interview on marketing automation with focus on automation. Read on to find out the growth driver for Ziflow and the future perspective. In terms of marketing technology, online proofing is probably the quickest “win” in MarTech today.  One project is all it takes to show the value.  


Online proofing is a natural fit for these needs as it instills a process around the review and approval of any regulatory-specific content, making sure the right people see the content at the right time, and providing auditable comments and decisions. More and more companies are getting serious about marketing compliance.


So, they pivoted to launch online proofing, and then later added in our previously developed Marketing automation technology (now called Ziflow Connect). I’d add that Marketing automation, both in terms of approval workflows, as well as automating the flow of information from your online proofing system into other applications, was a big market opportunity that we saw as well.


About Anthony Welgemoed – Anthony Welgemoed is the CEO and co-founder of Ziflow. Prior to co-founding Ziflow, Anthony was co-founder and CTO of ProofHQ, the industry’s leading online proofing solution. Prior to ProofHQ, Anthony was Director of Development at Mtivity, where he helped develop a marketing procurement and Marketing automation platform for agencies and brands.


About Ziflow – Ziflow, a pioneer in online proofing, offers a solution for creative agencies and brands that streamlines the often complex production of creative assets. Driven by the impacts of COVID-19, marketing and creative teams are remotely producing more content for more channels than ever before. A high volume and variety of work often leads to bottlenecks, so Ziflow acts as a single source of truth for associated feedback, review and approvals of workflows for a fully digital approach that supports today’s remote working scenarios.


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