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Innovation in education for future of sales


Sellers and teachers – Rekha Thomas shares her views on connecting buyers, engaging customers and future of sales. At first glance it may appear that these two professions are worlds apart. But if you dig a little deeper, a key objective for both is to educate. Teachers seek to impart knowledge to their students for Innovation in education for future of sales, while sellers attempt to educate prospective buyers about their product or service. Regardless of whether you are teaching algebra or selling software, the same talk track is unlikely to resonate with each member of your audience. Students are at different places in their subject matter knowledge, ability to learn, and even in their preferred mode of instruction. Similarly, buyers have unique business challenges, differing levels of understanding about a vendor’s solution, and even varying budget constraints. Successfully educating buyers, and students, requires a commitment to building personal connections and delivering engaging experiences.


Connect – Building relationships helps teachers understand who their students are—where they are in their learning journey, what their challenges are, and how they like to learn. And the most successful sellers are able connect with their buyers—gaining insight into their pain points, how they prefer to consume information, and where they are on their path to purchase.


Making connections in virtual learning environments – The pandemic has wreaked havoc on education as we know it. Whether the delivery model is fully remote, hybrid, or in-person, school looks and feels very different than ever before. In addition to reimagining curricula, group projects, and labs, teachers are desperately seeking new ways to build student connections, virtually. Microsoft Flipgrid, a video-based, social learning platform offers teachers and students one way to connect. Group discussion is a key aspect of the traditional learning toolkit, providing opportunities for students to share opinions, participate in discourse, and build connections with others. 


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