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Human Ingenuity Matters Over AI in Advertising


AI is the backbone of the most striking advertising innovations of our time. Still, it can’t compete with human creativity. Until it gets there, a marriage of AI and human analysis is essential. Artificial intelligence is the backbone of the most striking advertising innovations of the last decade. Modern marketers use intelligent AI in Advertising & digital platforms to design ad creative, buy media, and automate campaign deployment.


AI also plays an increasingly integral role in ad automation, helping advertisers test, iterate, and optimize performance. Still, many envision a grander future — one in which AI can manage ad campaigns independently. Though that future is possible, today, it’s just hype. Even AI pioneers only entrust the AI systems with specific problems. In the advertising industry, AI is mostly used for quantitative analysis because it cannot grasp human emotion or creativity. Until it is, the best advertising will rely on a marriage of AI and human ingenuity.


AI is a ‘hardworking assistant’ – IBM defines AI as “the simulation of human intelligence” in machines programmed to mimic humans’ actions and thinking. Today, this description is apt: AI still mimics humans, surpassing them only in quantitative intelligence. But if AI helps accelerate analysis and eliminate human error, why not let it run the show? 


Because even according to scientists, AI is powerful but not yet perfect. Physicist Kai Polsterer sums it up by saying that AI-based systems are “hardworking assistants.” He cautions that researchers can only trust AI systems to solve specific problems, and human oversight is a key part of the process. Astrophysicist Kevin Schawinski shares his sentiment.


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