• May 8, 2024 2:06 am
  • Bakersfield, United States, California

A seamless experience to track and manage your field sales force. Manage your field sales team with SalesTrak.

Manage your field sales team with


Sales App

Empower your field sales team with our Sales App, enhancing day-to-day efficiency and boosting productivity for unparalleled success.

Easy New lead onboarding
The app guides you through a step-by-step process, ensuring smooth onboarding for new leads.

Client Engagement
Easy access of your client information by sales executives, ensuring better client engagement and communications.

Sales Documents
Access brochures, campaigns and price lists conveniently via the app for quick and easy reference.

Visit planner
Efficiently plan visits for existing clients or leads using the app.

Maximize Sales Efficiency

Optimize field sales team for peak performance and seamless growth through a Unified Experience.

Powerful CRM
Effortlessly view and manage sales force operations for enhanced efficiency.

Sales Goals & Productivity
Establish monthly goals for field sales force to drive productivity and enable insightful analysis.

Expense management
Access transparent financial insights by reviewing detailed expense reports of all sales executives.

Explore client-wise analytics and historical business data for smart decision- making.


Automated Attendance
Optimize operational costs with system-driven on-field activity-based attendance calculation.

Automated conveyance reimbursement
System-driven distance-based conveyance calculation helps to optimize the cost of the operations.

Real time location tracking
Real-time location intel for instant access to field sales team locations, boosting efficiency.

Geo verified tasks/meetings
Secure task and meeting authentication using geo-fenced client and lead locations for heightened precision and security.


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