• August 12, 2021 10:16 am
  • Toronto, Canada, Ontario

INDIAN RASOI @ Indian Kitchen is not only Samosa, Butter Chicken or Dal Makhani but it has a broad range of multi-cultural dishes as same as Canada. If one side Mughlai dishes are there, on the other hand British Breakfast is common. There is a long history behind this range of taste.

In 3rd Century BC, The Great Alexander came to India and when he returned, his Minister Seleucus married his daughter to the Indian King Chandra Gupta Maurya: the student of Kautilya and grandfather of Ashoka The Great, first time the taste came from outside to ‘INDIAN RASOI.’

After that Chinese travelers, Buddhist monk and scholar Faxian; in later 4thCentury AD and Xuanzang; in early 7th Century AD came to India introducing Chinese culture and food, first time they entered in INDIAN RASOI.’

In 10th Century AD, the people from Iran came to India and introduced
Persian dishes such as Kebabs, Bademijan, Tahdig (Crunchy Fried Rice) Different kinds of soups, Pulaw, Saffron, Ice cream and very famous Falude came from Shiraj (Iran) to “INDIAN RASOI.’


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