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King Louie Might Be Well Renowned For Making Wigs On Men De Riguer For The French Aristocracy, But In Southern California The Name Will Bring To Mind A Popular Indica-Dominant Strain.


This Strain Unveils Itself As Many People Did In The 1600’S: By Its Smell. The Difference Is That This Monarch’s Odor Is One That’s Meant To Be Enjoyed; Its Dense Nugs Have An Overwhelmingly Piney Smell With An Earthy Musk That Will Have You Thinking Of Your Last Forest Adventure. Bred In Part From OG Kush, Louie Has A Very Similar Spicy Kush Aroma. Good For Insomnia, This Strain Often Tests At Over 20% THC.



The Buds Are Fabulously Dense And Large All The While Being Coated With Orange Hairs. You Will Notice Light Greens Among The Whites, It Is A Treat For Any Cannabis User To Say The Least. The Smell Is Incredibly Fresh, Heavy, But Sweet At The Same Time. In Addition, It Is Very Tasty, It Is A Perfect Blend Of Sweet And Sours, Thus Making It An Ideal Strain To Medicate With.




Positive Effects

– Helps Get Rid Of Depression
-Lack Of Appetite
-Stress Free
-Reduces Pain

Negative Effects After Overdosing

-Dry Mouth
-Dry Eyes


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