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COVID-19 has provided a chance for cyber thieves to get access to an organization’s systems, emphasising the importance of adequate Cloud Security.

COVID-19 is not the only virus that has plagued the planet for over a year. It also put a huge load on the healthcare sector, pushed the IT sector into uncharted territory, and sent financial markets on a roller coaster trip. While we were all dealing with the virus’s effects, another sector – cloud security – was being tested and put through its paces.

Lets Understand What CyberAttacks & Future of Cloud Security is?

What are COVID-Themed Threats?

Threat actors who get access to the system through URLs, emails, powershell malware, and other methods collect data. The crucial thing to remember is that this data is usually very sensitive information, such as user credentials or even secret information from an enterprise. They get access to the system by exploiting COVID-19 limits and remote device security constraints by utilising malicious software, scripts, or files.

The Surge of COVID-Themed Threats?

COVID-19-themed cyber-attack detections climbed by 605 percent in the second quarter of 2020, according to McAfee’s newest research, along with a 117 percent spike in PowerShell malware for spreading harmful Donoff documents.

Attack on Cloud Security

According to the same McAfee data, 3.1 million cloud users were externally assaulted by cyber criminals. These attacks targeted the public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, education, legal, real estate, utilities, energy, retail, and even business services.

How do you enhance your cloud security?

VPN Security – Given that the majority of us work remotely, it only makes sense to have a security tool that can safeguard and strengthen your VPN without interfering with your processes.

Mobile Security Training – We all utilization cell phones and a significant number of us use them for hierarchical work also. Train your representatives to ensure their applications and cell phones by separating among malware and real scripts.


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