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Customer Engagement Tools for 2021


Customer Experience has become a key to success for businesses that are trying to thrive in post-COVID era. Check-out Top Customer Engagement tools to enhance your efforts. Customer engagement tools have become more important than ever because of the massive shift in customer behaviour in post-COVID era. Brands hare widely using customer engagement tools to understand the customers and enhance the pace of recovery of their business affected due to this pandemic.


Customers today want a seamless experience from the brand, no matter where they are engaging. Using customer engagement tools is a direct route to achieve the core objectives of business. It is an easy way to everything a brands wants, profits, fame, customer loyalty and brand advocacy. When you engage with your customers, you automatically bring them closer to your brand by delivering a great customer experience, and that is when the magic really starts.


Some Customer Engagement Statistics to consider


– 94% of consumers who give a company a ‘very good’ rating for customer experience are likely to buy more products or services from that brand in the future.

– 64% of the customers expect tailored customer engagements that are based on their past interactions with the brand.

– 52% of customers expect offers given by companies to always be personalized, this number is up from 49% in 2019.


All these stats show that customer engagement and experience has today become more important than ever before so it is crucial to choose the right customer engagement tools by understanding the core business use cases and deliver exactly what consumers are expecting.


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