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Building Blocks of Winning Customer Experience Strategy


Listen to customers at scale – Whatever measure you’re using customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), or something else you have to scale your customer listening program beyond direct feedback and surveys. There is a huge universe of unstructured data out there, and it holds crucial insights you need, to improve your customer experiences strategy.


Your customers are talking to customer service executives, on social media and through live online chats and chatbots. Forbes in partnership with Opinium Research interviewed 36,014 consumers for their 2018 report known as “Defining the Human Age: A Reflection on Customer Service in 2030.” Their study discovered that when there is an urgent inquiry, the desire for human contact increases, with 44% turning to the phone and 25% doing so face-to-face. As a major aspect of a voice of the customer (VoC) program, use speech and text analytics capabilities to listen to customers at scale and mine interactions for emotions, satisfaction and competitive intelligence.


Prioritize and act – Dependable cause-and-effect insight is rare, and it is one of your most powerful decision-making tools. At the point when you know what actions will yield real benefits, decision-making isn’t a guessing game. If data shows that redesigning of the website will yield almost no business improvement but expanding the capabilities of your mobile application could boost upsell opportunities or reduce call centre volume, the course of action is self-evident. Correlative insight such as statistical, regression or multivariate analysis isn’t enough. Utilize a predictive, causal data model to know that when you do X, Y will happen. Link customer experience improvements to business outcomes, like likelihood to purchase, return and recommend. With a consistent model, you can prioritize at the touchpoint level and across the customer journey.


Employee experience – There is a clear link between the employee experience and the customer experience. We know this, but many companies still refuse to make the employee experience their priority, concentrating rather on shareholder value, the bottom line, or customer experience without considering the implications of poor employee experience to all of the above. When employees have a great experience that doesn’t mean ping pong tables and beer Fridays in office, they are happier and more productive, and they help in delivering good customer service experience.


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