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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Tips


What is Affiliate Marketing? – Affiliate marketing is a model where an affiliate or a partner is compensated through commission for marketing other company’s products or services. The company compensates the third-party publishers who in turn bring traffic and leads the consumer to their product. Affiliate marketing for Beginners is simple, you find a product that interests you, you market it and if you bring any leads, you are compensated which works as incentives. 


How to Start Affiliate Marketing? – An affiliate program may seem like a simple digital marketing strategy: Your business recruits partners, known as affiliates, to place links to your business on their website, blog, or social media page. Then, you pay these affiliates a commission every time someone makes a purchase via their affiliate link.


Drive traffic to your affiliate Website – You have developed great content. The next step is to attract more audiences to read it, so they will click on your affiliate links and increase your sales.


Here are four traffic strategies to consider: Social Media,  Search engine optimization (SEO), Build an email list. Paid Traffic


Social Media as a Traffic Source – Social media is a great way to direct more visitors to your affiliate marketing site. You can do this by posting to your page often and making sure you share reliable, relevant, and helpful information. Be available to answer questions and keep your social pages updated with fresh content. You should also be networking and communicating with other people online with similar interests. This will help draw more eyes to your social page and ultimately more visits to your website.


Go-to Affiliate Marketing Companies for your Moolahs : Amazon, eBay, CJ Affiliate, Awin (ShareASale), ClickBank


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